Tab66 Tournament

Tab66 Leaderboard Tournament

Tab66 Leaderboards enable players to measure each other's performance in real life!

  • Live Leaderboards

    Tab66 Leaderboards allow members to evaluate their performance in real time while competing against other players!

  • Great Payouts

    You can earn incredible prizes and gifts based on your rankings!

  • Fair Play

    Challenge yourself and outperform the crowd! Compete with other members of the same rank to earn the honor of being in the top 10 of the monthly leaderboard.

  • Featured Games

    Join us for an exciting gaming experience with four unique games: Sports, Live Entertainment, Slots, Fishing and Lottery.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Eligible entrants hereby expressly agree to be bound by the rules of this promotion ("Terms and Conditions and any decisions made by Tab66.
  2. Eligibility

    1. ● This Leaderboard Tournament is open to all Tab66 players.
  3. Event Mechanics and Conditions

    1. This Event begins on September 1, 2020 and ends on December 31, 2021 (the 'Event Period').
    2. There are eligible participants who must:

      1. Verify your Tab66 account identity(phone, email, KYC, and completed a withdrawal).
      2. have a valid wager of at least AUD 1,000 during the month.
    3. The Eligible participants can have different rankings in the leaderboards of different game categories.
  4. Bonuses and prizes

    1. 1. The top 10 winners of the Tab66 Leaderboard campaign each month will receive prizes.
    2. 2. Prizes are non-transferable and non-exchangeable and will only be awarded to winners verified by Tab66 ('Winners').
    3. Tab66 reserves the right to substitute the Prize for another item of similar value and will notify the Winner in any way twenty (21) days in advance.
    4. 4. Prizes are subject to stock availability and are pictured for illustrative purposes only. 5.
    5. Eligible members will be verified at the end of each participating month. Prizes will be release to the validated members within 14 working days after the validation period (approximately 3 days).
    6. Tab66 will endeavor to ship out the prize within the specified timeframe but cannot guarantee the delivery time.
    7. Tab66 will not be liable for any loss / damage or used prizes.
    8. Tab66 is the sole arbiter of this event and the final decision is by Tab66
    9. Tab66 reserves the right to replace entries that are ineligible for any reason throughout the campaign period and replace the winner with another eligible entrant.
    10. Tab66 reserves the right to change, cancel, terminate or suspend the redemption, or any part of any of its terms and conditions, without notice.
    11. The participating member must accept and abide by the above rules and conditions as implemented by Tab66 as well as all relevant rules and conditions within the website.
    12. General Tab66 terms and conditions apply.
  5. General Tab66 terms and conditions apply.

    1. For any type of technical failure, management, handling of the process of intervention, interference/electronic or human error or in the execution of transactions on the Website and/or in determining the participant's eligibility for the Reward, Tab66 is not responsible and shall not be held liable in any way.
    2. The selection of winners is calculated through the Tab66 system. All matters relating to this event, including the confirmed winners are final. Tab66 will not accept any correspondence, protests or appeals.
    3. Tab66 reserves the right to alter, shorten, cancel, suspend or terminate this campaign or any part thereof upon notification via Tab66 inbox message within twenty-one (21) days and/or by any other means
    4. For the avoidance of doubt, any alteration, shortening, cancellation, suspension or termination by Tab66 shall not be entitled to any claim for direct or indirect loss or damage suffered by eligible entrants or any person as a result of the shortening, cancellation, suspension, termination of the event or compensation
    5. Tab66 is not responsible for any loss, damage or expense suffered by any player as a result of participating in this event. In addition, due to any unforeseen events beyond Tab66’s reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, wars, riots, lockouts, industrial actions, fires, floods, droughts, storms or any other force majeure events, Tab66 shall not be liable.
    6. Tab66 reserves the right at its sole discretion to cancel/reject any eligible entrant who does not comply with the terms and conditions set forth in this contest or is found to be involved in tampering with the running of the campaign. Its tampering shall include fraudulent activity involving any deception or cheating in relation to the event and platform
    7. Any changes to the terms and conditions shall be binding on the entrants by displaying any sufficient notice of the event on the Tab66 website.
    8. While participating in this campaign, eligible entrants have given their consent and consent to the collection, processing and use of their personal data by Tab66 in accordance with the Tab66 Privacy Statement, which can be viewed at (“Tab66’s Privacy Statement”).
    9. personal data or information that Tab66 is processing and using for the following purposes.

      1. the purposes of the Ranking Tournament
      2. Tab66 will conduct marketing and promotional activities in any media it deems appropriate without further express consent from eligible participants, including but not limited to any form of advertising or promotional media and materials, such as through newspapers, television networks , on broadcasting stations or online distribution on audio and/or video recorded media. In addition, Marketing and Promotions reserves the right to use any details including but not limited to point sheets, interview materials, responses and related photographs. To this end, each participant has agreed to let Tab66 authorize the use of suitable media for brand marketing without more complicated regulations
    10. 10. If any language version of the preferential terms and conditions differs from the English version, the English version shall be the final standard.


Draw at: 2023-10-31

Draw at: 2023-10-31

Rank Username Turnover
1 H***oc Vi****ng Ta****977 Uh****qq H***5871 H***5871 68,190.06 330,053.64 3,276,209.93 1,837,182.64 1,478,195.21 1,478,195.21
2 BK***88 Ja***001 Jo***66 We***89 F******66 F******66 59,263.28 254,752.08 2,991,683.84 1,689,947.83 1,346,137.59 1,346,137.59
3 Ta***cc Ed***ao6 Pn*****l66 Al***oo T*****88 T*****88 46,739.57 221,845.54 2,794,324.04 1,623,356.46 1,288,980.50 1,288,980.50
4 NG***78 61******04 Ta****41 Ta***er T******01 T******01 37,064.33 198,574.08 2,329,902.74 1,592,638.72 1,199,477.80 1,199,477.80
5 Tz***ng Zi***93 Yu*******n7 614****35 J*****01 J*****01 29,892.02 179,094.72 2,194,304.82 1,473,734.83 1,045,543.32 1,045,543.32
6 Ta***130 Da****ce Ow****er Ka****88 O****69 O****69 21,784.61 103,198.43 1,935,271.01 1,288,980.50 687,379.65 687,379.65
7 R****t97 So***th9 Fo****ok Ph****21 6*********93 6*********93 19,236.98 191,234.86 1,721,763.93 1,002,365,98 477,195.20 477,195.20
8 Fa***123 Ta***763 Be***ng7 Hue**ty Y*******88 Y*******88 18,093.21 145,593.84 1,543,046.01 994,628.46 383,707.80 383,707.80
9 Lo****eh Ta***02 On***69 Dann***9 D*******w8 D*******w8 33,577.90 121,092.03 1,232,299.78 823,654.21 111,510.88 111,510.88
10 Ta***32 61******38 En*****01 Ky***365 L****42 L****42 13,630.03 109,227.93 1,011,536.35 786,992,00 111,055.95 111,055.95


Luxury Prizes

Rank Prize